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Communicating innovation, from concept to market

ATCG-Partners is a full services communication and marketing agency specialized in science and technologies

communiquer l'innovation,
du concept au marché
In all facets of science, in all fields of innovation

Biology, Health, Biotechnologies, Medical Devices, Nanotechnologies, Greentech, Chemistry, Physics, Nuclear Energy, Engineering, NTIC, Scientific Culture

tous les territoires de la science,
tous les champs de l’innovation
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Every models, on every scales

Start-ups, SMEs and SMIs, Industrial Groups, Research Organisations, Healthcare Centers, Institutionals, Patient Associations

tous les modèles,
toutes les échelles
A factory of ideas, medias and contents

Consultants in communication and marketing with proven expertise in their clients’ business sectors
A group of creative minds: graphic, web and digital designers together with multimedia developers reputed in their field

une fabrique à idées,
médias et contenus
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